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YCombinator-backed fintech startup inai raises $4M from Paua Ventures, 9Unicorns, others
by Saloni Mehta / 04:15 pm 21 Sep 2021 Tuesday

The startup company INIIA will utilise its capital to strengthen its technology team and expand its products and marketing team.They have recently raised $ 4 million in their seed funding round which was a part of the Y combinator summer 2021 and had people from various ventures including Unicorn and Paua Venture. 

Tiger Global-backed Infra.Market buys RDC Concrete for Rs 730 crore
by Saloni Mehta / 04:10 pm 21 Sep 2021 Tuesday

Tiger Global is a backed marketplace of infra market and it has acquired the RDC concrete from its private firm.It is the largest noncement concrete company in India but now intra market has 100% stake in RDC which is over 730 crore. They have manufacturers and suppliers from construction real estate contractors and infrastructure companies.

Boston cloud security firm Threat Stack to be acquired in $68M deal
by Saloni Mehta / 04:05 pm 21 Sep 2021 Tuesday

F5 has announced that they will be acquiring the threat stack company which is a Boston-based cloud security startup company .Furthermore, the deal has been finalized for 68 million dollars.They will work with clouds be it-  hybrid multi or in a  containerized environment.

Freshworks eyes $969 million via IPO at $9.7 billion valuation
by Saloni Mehta / 03:20 pm 21 Sep 2021 Tuesday

Freshworks is a digital startup company and they have been strategising their company with proper planning to raise $969 million and to initiate through the method of IPO at $ 9.7 billion valuations. The company has also been initiating a lot of revenue in the past few days and will probably be investing more to seek businesses 

SoftBank fund and DST Global lead  $450  mn funding  in  Cars24
by Saloni Mehta / 01:55 pm 21 Sep 2021 Tuesday

Cars 24 service is an online digital place where you can get used car and two-wheelers recently in a seed funding round by Softbank Vision fund 2 and DST global Falcon edge Cars24 service has raised $ 450 million and has been rising after the pandemic has triggered each of our lives.

Salesforce Ventures invests in Razorpay
by Saloni Mehta / 01:40 pm 21 Sep 2021 Tuesday

The salesforce venture has backed Indian payment and has invested in Razorpay with a vision to expand globally in other South-East Asian countries they have also raised $ 216 million in the past year and have customers from merchants like Facebook hola Amazon Zomato and so on.

US Startup Aims to transform Pet Food with Lab-made Chow
by Saloni Mehta / 06:00 pm 20 Sep 2021 Monday

Livestock has been impacting the climate and is responsible for extreme changes.Consequently, the US startups are planning to transform the pet food with lab-made chow through Cloud liquid bubbling in glass tubes and thus can help the animal with its nutritional value and protein. 

Logistics startup CriticaLog set to raise Rs 150 crore to fuel expansion
by Saloni Mehta / 05:50 pm 20 Sep 2021 Monday

CriticaLog is a 7-year-old critical logistic startup company and they are planning to raise Rs 150 crore through the seed funding rounds from the investors to expand their company on all fronts including life, digital goods, engineering, ecom and even luxury.They are even planning to double their revenue in a couple of months. 

Droom looks to raise ₹1,000 cr from share sales early next year
by Saloni Mehta / 05:30 pm 20 Sep 2021 Monday

Sandeep Agarwal is the founder and chief executive officer of Droom the company is probably planning to file draft papers to initiate their public offering in the next couple of months recently in July.Furthermore they had raised their first tranche value in a startup of $1.2 billion.

In Apac, health-tech is one of the fastest-growing verticals: Navdeep Manaktala
by Saloni Mehta / 05:15 pm 20 Sep 2021 Monday

Navdeep Manaktala is director and head of a startup business and he has talked about how healthcare startups have gained momentum furthermore have helped tackle the pandemic flawlessly.Through digital transformation and the need to access healthcare facilities, many new startups have gained tension and hence provided opportunities to each one of us.

Ease of doing business has helped create more startups: Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal
by Saloni Mehta / 04:00 pm 20 Sep 2021 Monday

The government has been planning and analysing the world to create new initiatives in India and wants India to become the innovation hub where Bangalore becomes the representatives to interact with the industries.The commerce Industry minister Mr Piyush Goyal feels that ease of doing business has helped India create more startups and even promote them on the global level.

Lenskart to invest in eye tech startups
by Ayush Agarwal / 10:45 am 20 Sep 2021 Monday

Lenskart said that they are planning to invest upto $2 million in eye technology startups over the next couple of years through Lenskart Vision Fund. The company would be looking to invest in startups that are creating better eyewear for sports, phones, colourblind people or more. The company will also offer its mentorship to these companies to grow.

Chennai startup to soon test its rocket using ISRO infra
by Saloni Mehta / 04:55 pm 19 Sep 2021 Sunday

Agnikul Cosmos is a Chennai based space tech that has launched Agnibaa a two-stage rocket and its second stage has been completed recently and will have its sub orbital test which will be conducted at the ISRO centre. This startup has become India's second startup to sign any MOU with the Department of Space to access ISRO.

An edtech startup to learn dance from the best and a platform offering digital resumes for film professionals
by Saloni Mehta / 03:30 pm 19 Sep 2021 Sunday

Digitalisation allows every one of us to build a network and middle-order people beyond a normal circle and does an innovative ed-tech platform it is launched by  Gurgaon is helping children to learn new innovative skills other than their normal academic skills which are important subjects like a dance.

Jaipur-based startup makes articles using cow dung to promote eco-friendly products
by Saloni Mehta / 02:25 pm 19 Sep 2021 Sunday

Since the environment has been impacted dangerously and hence to protect the environment it is extremely important that you start using eco-friendly products furthermore a Jaipur based startup has created 70 eco-friendly articles using cow dung and he even has its patent over it.He makes it using cow dung and urine and cotton waste.

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