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SIPs for long term investment horizon
by Dhwani Mehta / 12:30 pm 21 Jun 2021 Monday

Even the most experienced of investors make the mistake of panic selling when the market hits rock bottom. Coping with a volatile market requires a long-term vision, and any impulsive actions can put a dent on your portfolio. If your financial goals remain unchanged and you have a longer horizon, continue investing in your SIPs.

What to keep in mind while buying a Top-Up Home Loan?
by Dhwani Mehta / 12:00 pm 21 Jun 2021 Monday

One must compare interest rates and compare processing fee. It also important to compare the tenure. Higher tenure means lower equated monthly instalment (EMI) and vice versa. Disbursement of loans also take time. The interest rates on LAP are slightly higher than top-up loans. There is a difference of up to two percentage points between the two.

60% of NPS sum received is not taxable
by Dhwani Mehta / 11:30 am 21 Jun 2021 Monday

As per I-T laws, any payment from the NPS Trust to an assessee on closure of his account or on his opting out of the pension scheme to the extent it does not exceed 60% of the total amount payable is tax-free. Accordingly, out of the total amount payable to you, 60% of the amount received shall be exempt from tax.

Here's how you can evaluate your cash flow to maximize efficiency
by Dhruvi Mehta / 11:00 am 21 Jun 2021 Monday

It is important to manage cash flow to maximize efficiency of a firm. Cash flow can be evaluated based on the type of cash flow and management ratios. Operating cash flow/CFO, type of cash flow, should be positive to attract the investors. If we assign a score of one on every parameter, then PV gets four out of four for its cash flow management.

Some spending lessons from the rich
by Dhwani Mehta / 10:30 am 21 Jun 2021 Monday

They are frugal and economical and conservative in spending money, especially South Indiancs. Though there monthly spends look high, they are proportionate to their incomes. They bargain and look for the best deals. They give back part of their wealth to donation. One must also stay away from irrational gifting expenses.

Withdrawals from the NPS are partially tax free
by Priyanka Choudhary / 10:00 am 21 Jun 2021 Monday

Out of the total amount payable to you, 60% of the amount received shall be exempt from tax. Further, in case you choose to invest the balance 40% of the accumulated balance to purchase a life annuity from any life insurance company registered with the PFRDA, the entire residual lump sum amount received by you shall be considered exempt.

Value-Adds in Fixed Deposits
by Dhwani Mehta / 09:30 am 21 Jun 2021 Monday

There are fixed deposits, which come with free life insurance without any medical check-up wherein the cover equals the FD amount (this is subject to time and age limit and maximum insured amount). On the other hand another FD option allows you opt for free medical consultation on a virtual platform, which is both comforting and safe.

Reasons for rejection of health insurance for COVID hospitalization cover.
by Dhruvi Mehta / 09:00 am 21 Jun 2021 Monday

In order to get yourself covered under health insurance for COVID-19 hospitalization is that, the admission needs to prescribed by medical practioner, standard treatment guidelines should be followed, and line of treatment can only be carried out in the hospital. Incomplete documentation, unnecessary tests/medications for mild symptoms, non-disclosure of existing disease, domiciliary hospitalization are some reasons leading to rejection of claim.

Points to keep in mind before signing up for pay later or post paid services.
by Dhruvi Mehta / 03:00 pm 20 Jun 2021 Sunday

Various lenders partner with e-commerce platforms, who have pay later or postpaid services. This embedded partnership/finance offer a credit line based on the credit score, as for many companies, the ultimate aim is to become the preferred wallet and lender to an individual. It is best to consider it as a personal loan, which will affect your credit score, incase of delay/failure of payment.

Tips for young investors
by Dhruvi Mehta / 02:30 pm 20 Jun 2021 Sunday

Asking why we you want to invest for what reason, examining your debt, Investing in yourself- gaining certifications, enhancing your skills will give you a great scope for investing efficiently in the future.

Is your Mutual Fund portfolio over diversified?
by Dhwani Mehta / 02:00 pm 20 Jun 2021 Sunday

Diversification in Mutual Fund portfolios is necessary, but too much diversification is also not ideal. Yes, you need to spread risk and avoid letting a few funds take over your portfolio. But going overboard and holding too many funds reduces the effectiveness of diversification. It makes it difficult to track and manage the portfolio.

Pension relief of ₹1,800 for dependents of ESIC beneficiaries: Labour Ministry
by Priyanka Choudhary / 01:49 pm 20 Jun 2021 Sunday

The labour ministry has notified a minimum pension relief of 1800 per month to the dependents of the beneficiaries of the Employees State Insurance Corporation in case of the death of the insured person due to Covid. The eligible beneficiaries would include spouse or legitimate or

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