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What are Income Funds?
by Divyansh Shah / 09:51 pm 24 May 2021 Monday

In recent years investors have preferred to invest in Mutual Funds. As time passed several types of mutual funds have been launched to attract investors. Successful investing needs thorough research about the market to avoid any potential loss. There are a lot of schemes available for investors to added to their portfolio.

What are Money Market Funds?
by Divyansh Shah / 09:47 pm 24 May 2021 Monday

Some investors have a very low-risk tolerance. These investors are always looking for investments that have a low risk that offers good returns to their investment at the same time the asset can be easily liquidated. Such investors prefer money market funds when it comes to short-term debt investing.

What is SEBI’s new gold exchange framework?
by Divyansh Shah / 04:59 pm 22 May 2021 Saturday

The Securities and Exchange Board of India issued a consultation paper proposing a draft regulation for exchanges that permit customers to trade in gold. SEBI has proposed an elaborate framework wherein one convert physical gold into ‘Electric Gold Receipts’, trades them like equity shares, and convert these back into physical gold.

Here’s everything an individual needs to know about the proposed gold market would function.

Lesson investors learned from the crypto crash
by Divyansh Shah / 04:56 pm 22 May 2021 Saturday

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were extremely volatile on Wednesday 20th May 2021. Bitcoin started trading at $42,495 and it reached a high of $43,546 during the day. During the day Bitcoin dropped to a low of $30,681 and later it finally closed the day at $37,002.

Should you invest in Small-cap companies?
by Divyansh Shah / 01:31 pm 21 May 2021 Friday

A company can be defined by its market capitalization. There are mainly three types of companies when divided on the basis of market capitalization, those are large-cap companies, mid-cap companies, and small-cap companies. Large-cap companies are those with high market capital. Companies that have less market cap than a mid-cap company fall under the small-cap category.

What will regular health insurance and Covid kavach cover?
by Divyansh Shah / 10:52 am 20 May 2021 Thursday

If a person has tested positive for covid-19 then the costs for treatment may or may not be covered by regular health insurance. Regular health insurance may not cover the treatment cost and the corona kavach may cover those costs. Bed unavailability at hospitals is forcing people for home treatment. So, the question that arises is that if health insurance pays for those treatments, and what does Corona Kavach covers?

Should investors invest in a Mid-cap stock?
by Divyansh Shah / 06:31 pm 19 May 2021 Wednesday

Mid-cap companies are companies whose market capital is less than a large-cap company but more than a small-cap company. The market capital of a mid-cap company should be a minimum of Rs. 500 crores. If the market capitalization of the company is more than Rs. 7,000 crores then that company falls under the large-cap companies.

Should you invest in Large-cap companies?
by Divyansh Shah / 05:49 pm 19 May 2021 Wednesday

A company can be defined by its market capitalization. There are four different levels of market capital a company, those are Mega-cap, Large-cap, Medium-cap, small-cap in that order. Companies that have more than Rs. 20,000 crores as market cap fall under the Mega-cap category.

10 Habits to be Rich in your life
by Shubh Agarwal / 05:03 pm 17 May 2021 Monday

The truth is even if you start early with little, there are certain habits if started early in your life and career i.e. in your 20s, can make you wealthy in your later life.

The sooner you start, the more is the chance of becoming rich. It is always the small things that separate the successful from the average.

Here are the 10 Financial Habits to Start in Your 20s

1. Prepare a monthly budget

Having a plan is the first and the most important thing required to be wealthy. First, you need to make a budget that you can stick with, in any

What is Market Capitalization?
by Divyansh Shah / 11:35 am 17 May 2021 Monday

What does market Capital mean?

Market capitalization is one of the most effective ways to evaluate a company. It is important to know the market capitalization of a company before investing in it. Market Capital can help an investor because then the investor can make a sound decision before investing his capital. Market capital is defined by the total market value of the outstanding shares of a company. For investors, it is imperative to know the market capital while creating a long-term investment.

Market capitalization refers to the market value of a company’s equity. It is quite a simple but very important

Looking forward to the week ahead in Stock Markets
by Shubh Agarwal / 03:00 pm 16 May 2021 Sunday

The market snapped its two-week rally and fell one percent amid fear of higher US inflation and interest rate hike in the US due to increasing commodity prices, in the holiday-shortened week ended May 14. But early signs of peaking in COVID-19 cases limited the downside.

The BSE Sensex fell 473.92 points to close at 48,732.55, and the Nifty50 declined 145.35 points to 14,677.80 after rising around 3 percent in the previous two consecutive weeks.

The broader markets slightly outpaced the large caps again, as the BSE Midcap index declined only 0.49 percent and the BSE Smallcap index was down 0.08 percent.


Financial Planning for Beginners
by Divyansh Shah / 02:42 pm 16 May 2021 Sunday

Financial Planning is not only important for new-age youth but also for people who have just started earning money. Financial planning will bring clarity about your finances and help you to budget your expenses. It will also help you keep in check the expenses of an individual. Here are some of the key points to keep in mind while making a financial plan.

What is Equity Linked Saving Scheme?
by Divyansh Shah / 12:03 pm 16 May 2021 Sunday

Mutual Funds are one of the stepping stones to investing in the stock market. For beginners who are looking to start investing in mutual funds is the way to go. Mutual funds offer an Equity Linked Saving Scheme to investors.

The actual impact of the Suez Canal Blockage
by Shubh Agarwal / 08:30 pm 15 May 2021 Saturday

Generally, we wouldn’t recognize a shipping container or the water pathway in a random photo on the internet. But this photo, of the mighty Evergreen stuck in a narrow passage in the Suez Canal, will probably recall a lot of memes for the majority. The comical incident took the internet by storm, but it’s important to understand the implications of a week-long blockage in global trade.

The Ever Green, a 1,300-foot, Japanese-owned container ship en route from China to the Netherlands, got stuck in a narrow passage in Suez Canal on 23rd March. The Ever Given was partially refloated in the

How will Brexit impact India?
by Shubh Agarwal / 05:48 pm 15 May 2021 Saturday

India and the European Union (EU) recently announced their decision to resume negotiations for a balanced and comprehensive trade agreement after a gap of eight years and unveiled an ambitious connectivity partnership, during a virtual meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and leaders of 27 member nations of the bloc. This comes on the back of the finally sealed Brexit of the UK from the EU.


Brexit - or "British exit" - refers to the process of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community. Following a referendum in 2016, Britain became

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